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TechRally Newsletter #13 - Podcast Episode 2 Released with Michael Chen | Women Who Tech & Lead Twitter Space 3.9.22!

TechRally Newsletter πŸ—ž
TechRally Newsletter πŸ—ž
TechRally Newsletter #13 - Episode 2 RELEASE - What is Success as a Software Engineer? | Outside The Code

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What is Success as a Software Engineer? - Michael Chen  | Outside The Code EP2
What is Success as a Software Engineer? - Michael Chen | Outside The Code EP2
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Why do we do what we do? For some, it’s the financial motivation. For others, it’s the recognition and social status. Mike’s journey to software development is unique, but what’s more compelling is figuring out the why behind the decisions he’s made. Join me in my conversation with Mike Chen, who shares his early days before coding existed, his motivation in climbing the corporate ladder, and giving that up to work on something more meaningful to him.
On today’s show, we talk about how Mike Chen went from a Research Associate, quit that path, learned Java programming through books, and eventually became a CTO in the Bay Area.
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#WomenWhoTech: Join us in Inspiring, Elevating, and Supporting Women in Tech!
Join this upcoming twitter space on Wednesday 3.9.22!
In this week's Twitter Spaces, we celebrate all the women! πŸ’œ

Let's talk about: Women Who Tech && Lead πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

🎀 With:
✨ @anniebombanie_
✨ @ceceliacreates
✨ @KatyCodesStuff
✨ @sumusiriwardana

πŸŽ™ Host: @pokecoder

πŸ“… 9th Mar, 9:00 EST

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A short but long train ride 🚞 to philly so here’s a thread 🧡 about optimizing LinkedIn.

Step 1 - Get a professional looking profile picture. Doesn’t have to be professionally taken just no party πŸ₯³ hats please. Better safe than sorry.
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